Becoming Firdausi.

So what’s going on in your life?

Pretty face
So fucking beautiful

But that is all they say



On the third of December, our lips met
Our kiss as amateur as our hearts.
Seven years have passed, and the curse of connectivity
brings me to a picture of yours
Two dishes, and a string of teasing comments.

Is she the one?


My plan to post daily has failed spectacularly.

Everything’s been hit hard since Ma went home. No outbursts of tween energy. Tongue is a little drier, clothes a tad looser. Eyes a little puffier.


This heart is a miraculous sponge.
Your fist can clench tighter, fingers keep digging into wet flesh
And blood will keep flowing
Like zam zam, never ending.

What are words but another mark on a riddled dartboard…

tick tock

Lost child

Why am I always bleeding in one way or the other? 

‘- all silence lies in its long line -‘