by saajidahfirdausi

An excerpt of something I am presently writing, first draft.

I collapsed into bed the moment I had showered. By the time I woke, it was around 8 pm. My parents and my brother were still out, they had left after I had arrived for a spot of weekend shopping. Since I had slept for so long, the house was dark. I walked into the hall to turn on the lights when there was a knock, and a shadow against the window. I can usually hear my family before seeing them, they tend to arrive with a bit of fanfare. So, granted, I was a tad apprehensive. The lights were out, so why would anyone even knock? To be on the safe side, I tiptoed to the front door and looked into the opening, where mail can be deposited. I couldn’t make much out, it was dark – and I assumed it was due to the fact that it was night time.

Then it slipped, slowly. It was the face of an old Chinese lady. By her neck, the collar of a red cheongsam was visible. Her hair was set in a traditional hairstyle of Chinese ladies, fashionable in the olden days – a short bob styled into waves and pinned to the side of the head. Her face white, lips red with rouge, and eyes, her eyes were staring straight at me.

She was smiling.