Saaji in Wonderland

by saajidahfirdausi

Rainy weather, amber lights and a melancholic movie. Ah, I miss those perfect days of being tangled in sheets with a hot drink in hand. They are not necessarily arthouse or a tragedy. There is a certain ambience in these movies – they feel blue, and dreamy. Here is a list of a few that clench my heart.


eternal-sunshine-spotless-mind-montauk-quoteEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

3-thosepeopleThose People

tumblr_ntumd8h0rf1rab5nto1_500La Vie En Rose

the-art-of-getting-by-chinese-food-emma-robertsThe Art of Getting By

tumblr_nqv7s21rz61t9ij14o1_500Betty Blue

THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWERThe Perks of Being a Wallflower

tumblr_nyp81uarix1rt91veo1_500Blue Valentine

fmuswqemeadb2s9bq29aywo3fuxFelix et Meira

main-qimg-0f36349a04c7235d7607a97bfa684208Black Swan

blue-is-the-warmest-color-lea-seydouxBlue is the Warmest Colour

e90586fe0a331cb38d9bf60a9ab6d3bdRuby Sparks

I would like to do an individual post on each in time to come. And oh, please, oh please do share your favourites (if anyone is reading this).